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Mauser Model 98
Mauser Model 98 fitted with Magnum Magazine Box
Montana Rifle Company's Pre-64 Actions
Sporting Mauser Model 98 with Double Square Bridge 
CZ Model 550 Magnum Actions
Other Actions

In Africa the bolt action is still preferred by most  hunters due to it's simple function. At SABI Rifles we can offer you the following calibers in the Mauser98, Montana, CZ 550 and the Sporting Mauser double square bridge actions. The following table indicates the magazine capacity of each action not including a chambered round.

Actions 22-250 Rem 243 Win  270 SABI 308 Win 25-06 Rem 270 Win   7x57 Mauser 7x64 Bren 30-06 Spr 8x57 Mauser 338 SABI 9,3x62 Bren 7mm Rem Mag 300 Win Mag 300 H&H Mag 300 Dakota  8x68 S Mag    338 Win Mag  9,3x64 Bren   375 H&H Mag 404 Jeff      416 Rem Mag 416 Dakota 425 WR         458 Win Mag 458 Lott 458 SABI 500 Jeff 416 Rigby 450 Rigby 505 Gibbs
Mauser 98 5 5 5 3 3               
Mauser 98 with Magnum Magazine                  5 5 3 3        
Montana Rifleman 5 5 5 3-4 3-4               
Montana Rifleman with Magnum Magazine                5 5 3 3       
CZ 550 Magnum                  5 5 5 5 5
Sporting Mauser Double square bridge 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3-4

Mauser Model 98 - Top of Page

The action is sporterized to the high standard of our rifles. Flawless feeding and reliability of all the working parts is an absolute necessity. Standard features on the Mauser K 98 are:
-Drilled & tapped for all Mauser 98 or FN type mounts
-Shaped trigger guard
-Bolt handle bent to clear low fitted telescopes
-Single Stage Adjustable trigger

Mauser Model 98 fitted with Magnum Magazine Box - Top of Page

We manufacture a Magnum Magazine box to accommodate 5 rounds in the Magnum Belted calibers. For the 458 SABI and 500 Jeffery calibers, the conversion is a necessity for faultless feeding and will take 3 in the magazine. It also gives the rifle the Classic Magnum appearance.

Montana Rifle Company's Pre-64 Actions - Top of Page
The Montana actions are offered in a Short, Intermediate and Magnum magazine lengths, all available in right and left hand models on stainless steel or chrome moly (blue). They are manufactured to the same geometry of the original Winchester Pre-64 actions with the following improvements.
The Montana Rifle Company incorporated the following features:
1. Anti-Bind feature which utilized a dovetail left lug and race way (on right handed actions) which provides precise retention of the bolt within the receiver bore.
2. The bolt sleeve incorporates a Mauser style flange to gases issuing along the left bolt lug raceway, and away from the shooters face.
3. Retains the 3-position safety found on the Winchester Model 70.
4. Retains the claw extractor and controlled round feed capabilities.
5. Push button bolt release system that is cast integral with the action offering easy to use one hand operation.
6. The trigger assembly maintains the Model 70 geometry and is fully adjustable.
7. The action has been designed to incorporate the Mauser 98 style inner collaring that includes an extractor cut.
8. WemaintainedModel70geometryallowingcustomerstouseanystandardModel70 Mounts.
9. All actions include one piece, all steel bottom metal in either 11L17 or 416.

The picture shows our Magnum Magazine Box fitted to the Montana Action in Caliber 500 Jeffery

Sporting Mauser Model 98 with Double Square Bridge - Top of Page

The Sporting Mauser actions are produced to the exact geometry of the original sporting actions produced by Mauser. The Kurz, Intermediate and Magnum Actions are available in both right and left handed models. Please take note that only the highest quality components are available combined with this superior quality actions.

CZ Model 550 Magnum Actions - Top of Page

Due to the high cost of newly produced magnum actions, the CZ 550 Magnum Actions and Rifles are very popular for every day use by a lot of Professional Hunters, Game Rangers and Safari Companies. It comes a lot more affordable, and is any day just as reliable as the other Magnum actions available. We offer them for the calibers as listed at the top of this page. 

Other Actions - Top of Page

Over the years we have been brought many different actions to produce rifles from. following is a few samples of such rifles. Following is sample pictures of such rifles.

505 Gibbs produced on a Dakota Arms left hand Magnum action


Re-stocked SAKO Model 75, Caliber 375 H&H Magnum 


Fully left handed 500 Jeffery produced from the Weatherby action


45-70 Govt was the only caliber to give honor to this old Remington Rolling Block action.

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