Our caliber selection field on the Quotation Request page contains a list of the Standard Calibers we offer. An extended detailed Caliber list with Barrel Dimensions and Twist Rates can be seen on the Barrels Page.


The book Cartridges of the World lists hundreds of cartridges that were once used and the ones still used only makes out a small section of the total list. The main reason for so many going out of production was determined by the old fundamental force of supply and demand. The main factor controlling supply and demand is a mighty force of economics or price. Price often determines demand and so does price also determine supply at the minimum cost.
The commercial cartridges manufactured today are all based on three base sizes, namely the belted magnums, the 8 x 57 Mauser and the 222 Rem. The rest are mainly different case lengths and necked down to different bullet diameters.
It is therefore possible to make any cartridge with any case length and any bullet diameter to achieve anything you specifically want from the three basic base sizes and case lengths to fit the action you wish to use. If you design and develop your own cartridge, it is called a wildcat. Originally wildcats were derived from cases blown out to have a larger capacity in order to achieve higher velocities than the standard caliber and was then called a wildcat, but today, all one of a kind caliber are known as wildcat or propriety cartridge.
With the experience gained from the development of the 338 SABI, the 270 SABI and now the 458 SABI we are able to manufacture the rifle of almost any wildcat. We can make the case forming dies and also the reloading dies, as long as it is done on the three base sizes and existing bullets available. The 338 Voschol is a 500 Jeffery case necked down to shoot a 338 bullet. For those who would like a real fast big bore we plan to neck down the 500 Jeffery case to .375, .416 and .458. The latter being in development process

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