Wrap-around or side panel patterns checkering and density of the checkering is left to the owners selection. Two kinds of cutters are used namely:
90 degree cutter - The standard side panel checkering is usually cut is 18 or 20 lpi (lines per inch). Seen below is Pattern # 1 and 2. The wrap-around patterns are cut in 20 lpi as can be seen in Pattern # 3 to 6 below.
60 degree cutter - This style allows a higher density lpi and is cut in 22 flat top, 24 or 26 lpi all wrap around patterns. Pattern 7 is cut in 26 or 28 lpi. The lpi specified also depends on the quality of the wood selected and density of the grain.
We offer standard checkering patterns as shown below, but we can also do custom patters on your request.
Standard Checkering Patterns

Pattern # 1


Pattern # 2


Pattern # 3


Pattern # 4


Pattern # 5


Pattern # 6



Pattern # 7


Pattern # 500J



Pattern # FN



Pattern # 6 with English Borders



Sample of Custom Pattern



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