Custom Stocks
Wood selection:
Grade 3, 4, 5 X and XX Turkish walnut provide the character of the rifle, and African hardwood or metal cap for the grip-cap and fore-end tip shaped to choice, add to a great final product.
Please select a grade and give a brief description of what you are looking for in the "Quotation request" page or simply add the picture name of the rifle which wood you request as listed in the picture galaries.

Stock styles
Kalahari roll over
By far the most popular choice for scoped rifles. The cheek piece and pistol grip is the most comfortable for high velocity heavy calibers.

Kalahari standard
Suitable for shooters with a scoped rifles who like to take right or left handed shots.

Styled for the modern rifleman, the stock is easily styled for scope or open sight use as requested.

Suitable for open sight use, with a slightly curved back.

Very popular among all classic fans.

Stock fore-end
The choice and shape of the fore-end and also the fore-end tip is left to the owner. Below is the most used rounded fore-end tip and schnabel.

Full Stock Fore-end
We only offer the full stock version up to caliber 9,3 x 62 Breneke, and only low velocity bush calibers. The following picture is a full stock made from a long stock blank. The availability of these blanks are very restricted unless you require an American Walnut stock.

We manufacture a Full Stock link which enables us to use any stock blank of your choice. The advantage is that the grain of the stock doesn't continue to the front of the barrel, making it less sensitive of changes in the wood.

Stock Finish
The quality of our stock finishes is complementary to the quality of our components. We offer a hard wearing synthetic wood coating that can either be polished for the high gloss finish or be prepared in a dull Satin type finish. the most popular however is still our classic oil finish.

Stock protection:
With all heavy recoil calibers the action is bedded into the stock. For calibers 375 and above the stock is pinned for extra strength. All calibers 416 and above are fitted with an extra recoil lug fitted under the barrel. All these items are essential for the protection and extended lifetime of our stocks.

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