Rifles adapted to the harsh environment of the African bush, crafted to the standard of the most discerning hunter, custom made to fit for comfort and pleasure and with wood finished to perfection. We build rifles to withstand these conditions, but to your selected options and preferences. 

We only build our custom rifles to order. You may request a quotation for one of our Models which has fixed specifications, or you may decide on all the options on your custom rifles: Use the following links:

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Our website will assist you with the following:

Selecting a suitable caliber
Selecting the right components
Upgrading your rifle to fit your budget and still be functional
Transforming your rifle into a work of art



Shopping online: 
We are offering you a wide range of Firearms, Hunting and Shooting Accesories in this website and it grows every time we update the database. You can forward requests for product to us by adding items to a wishlist on our Shooters-Market website. By completing an online form and submitting the wishlist online, we will receive your request via e-mail.

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Side/side Double rifles:                                                      Model Classic is offered in calibers 7mm to 9,3mm          Model Classic Big 5is offered in calibers 375 to 500 N.E.

Over & Under Double rifles / Shogun:                                       Model Ultra is offered in calibers 6mm to 9,3mm, 20 gauge in variuos combinations of rifle and shotgun barrel sets 

Single shot:                                                                              Model Hubertus is offered in calibers 223 to 9,3mm                  

Drillings:                                                                                    Model Optima is offered in calibers 6mm to 470, 20 gauge in variuos combinations of rifle and shotgun barrel sets 


In Line Repeating rifle:                                                              The exciting new Model Semprio is offered in calibers 223 to 375 RUM. This is the fastest shooting manully operated turnbolt rifle available.

Over & Under Shotguns:                                                           Models K20 and K80 is oferred in 20 and 12 gauge in Trap, Skeet and Sporting models. Krieghoff shotguns are winners in numerous competitions around the globe.




World class barrel manufacrurer Lothar Walther offer their barrels in varius calibers from .177 to .577, in both Chrome Moly or Stainless Steel. You may select the standard or match grade barrels in various round and octagonal contours, or send us your drawing for custom contours. 




Montana Rifle Company offer their Model 1999 in variuos sizes in both Chrome Moly or Stainless Steel. Their current production line consists of left ans right handed actions in sizes to accomodate 22-250 to 7x57, 30-06 to 9,3x62, and 375 to 450 Lott cartridge lengths. Their new PH Model acommodating 416 to 500 Jeff is currently only available in the right handed action. The introduction of the lefh handed action will follow.




Specialist Manufacrturer Recknagel Feintecnik offer fixed and detachable telescope mounts, triggers and gunsmithing tools and parts. These are the parts we offer on our custom rifles and can be seen throuout the SABI Rifles website.