The past hundred years was the century of change. The beginning of the century was also the start of the industrial revolution, which reached its peak in the latter part, when life of man became controlled by the electronic revolution which changed almost everything. We still drink water, eat bread and meat and sleep part of the night. In the beginning of the century it was an exciting experience to go to a city with trains and trams, now it has become an exciting experience to get out of the city into the wild.
Hunting, which used to be work, has now become the most sought after recreational activity and people spend enormous amounts of money to be able to hunt on unspoiled unpolluted wilderness areas where Africa is the first choice.
The hunting rifle is still the prize possession of every hunter and even more-so if it was inherited from grandfather or father. What has changed is that hunting has now become a family sport, and now mother also owns her own rifle.
Long before Browning and Mauser, man was inspired by his own desire to have things done his own way, which included his rifles. Many excellent collectors items have their value because they were specially made by someone for someone.
There is no rifleman anywhere to be found that would not like to have his own rifle made to his design and physical measurements and that being the reason for a true custom rifle.
A true custom rifle is purposely made for the owner to his physical dimensions and becomes an extension of his body, fitting in every detail. With the right balance it is quick to handle and reduces recoil.
This development was done to enable us to give our customer, left or right handed, what they want from a rifle by having the correct grip, fall of stock, cast-off and toe-out. Apart from correct dimensions the styling must be pleasing and always have the excellent finish SABI rifles are known for.
Machines required for the production of SABI rifles were self-designed and manufactured for the specific function of production, however nothing can replace the skill of human hands doing what they are proud of.

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