Telescope Mounts
Mauser 98 & Montana actions
We drill and tap all the actions to standard measurements to accommodate any brand of 2 piece telescope mounts. We supply a Standard fixed mount, the top quality Eramatic fixed or detachable mounts.

Standard Fixed Mount


ERAMATIC Detachable Mount on Mauser 98


ERAMATIC Detachable Mount on Mauser 98

Sporting Mauser Double Square Bridge
The only mount we offer on these actions is the Eramatic detachable version. The rear bridge is dovetailed to accommodate the rear scope ring. For the front ring the front bridge can be fitted with a pivot base or a large bell mount ring can be used with the pivot base fitted on the barrel or quarter rib.


Front bridge fitted with Pivot Base and rear bridge dovetailed


Bell Mounted with pivot base in Quarter Rib

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