Montana and CZ 550 Actions
These actions are supplied with adjustable single stage triggers. No other options are available.


Mauser 98 and Sporting Mauser actions
Single Stage Adjustable Trigger
The Single Stage adjustable trigger fitting the Mauser Actions can be set for pulling length and weight. as can be seen on the Safeties page it is also available with a side safety.


Single Set Trigger
Single Set trigger is functionally the same as the Single Stage trigger with the addition of the Setting Function for a very light trigger pull. The trigger can be used with the Setting function or as a Single Stage trigger.


Double Set Trigger
Rifles are often ordered to the very classic old Sporting Mauser specifications, which often include the Double Set trigger and the Classic trigger guard. They lend the very classical appearance of these old rifles. The trigger is set by pulling the rear trigger until the set function engages and the shot is fired with a very light pull on the front trigger. The disadvantage of this system is that it can only be operated with the set function. It has a very heavy pull weight by only using the front trigger. 


Illustrated is the three options available, Single Stage, Single Set and Double Set triggers

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