Custom Gun Parts

SparesThe able Craftsmen at Magnum Arms have done all required gunsmith work which includes making rifles, rifle actions, replacing barrels,  making rifle and shotgun stocks, re-blue and refinishing all firearms and make spares normally not available. We also make and fit  rifle scope mounts when not available, make Brno 3 stage safeties, quarter ribs for express sights, grip caps and die sets for our own SAB. calibers and certain commercial calibers. We have also designed personal calibers, make the tools for case forming  and reloading dies for the calibers and plan to soon introduce some long range and back-up calibers.

Over many years our workshop has repaired and made numerous hard to find firearm parts for rifles, shotguns and handguns. Adding CNC ability in our workshop enables us to produce some of these parts in quantities. We focus on the parts required by the local hunting rifle trade. The parts include magnum rifle magazines and trigger guards for specific calibers and also to replace plastic and aluminium components.    


We manufacture several after market gun parts and we keep on developing new parts.


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Grip Caps:

We Manufacture the grip caps in 3 sizes, small, medium and large to suit the dimensions of the stock you require. We also make an insert grip cap which can easily be inletted into an existing stock. We normally border the insert grip cap with Hardwood or Buffalo Horn.




Barrel Swivel:

These Classic Barrel Bands and Swivel Stud for Octagonal Barrels are hard to find and we make them to order only. 

Band Swivel 2



Muzzle Breaks:

The SABI V-Break muzzle break is designed for maximum effect but as compact as possible.

The drawing illustrates the exit ports angled upwards toprevent barrel lift.

We produce a break for every application in different sizes.

They fit barrel sizes from 15mm to 22mm, threads M14x1mm to M20x1mm.

The following immige shows the Stabdard, Magnum and the longer Ultra Magnum Breaks.

SABIVBrake     SABI VBrake2

The follwing image is the Cobra V-Brake fitted on a 37XC Caliber rifle.

SABI VBrake Cobra 

Front & Rear Sights:

We normally use Recknagel Sights on our custom rifles but many of our clients prefer classic style sights which we manufacture in house. Image shows our Quarter rib and front sight base.


Image shows the Holland & Holland style front sight base with folding bead and sight guard.




Peep Sights:

We have made a lot of different peep sights over the years. Some fit on the rear of the action and others are made to replace the rear sight. The image below is a sample of a peep sight we make to replace the rear sight of the Brno ZKK 602 and the CZ 550 Magnum rifles. It is windage and elevation adjustable.



Winchester 2 position safety for Mauser K98:

We machinr the original Mauser shroud to fir the safety lever we manufacture. You have to hand in your shroud for this process. it must be in an acceptable condition.



CZ 3 Position Winchester Safety:

This preferred safety mechanism is also now produced in house. It fits both the CZ 550 and Brno ZKK 600 series actions. We include a replacement part for the old safety and on the CZ models a new sear is also required.



CZ Magazine Parts:

Building a custom rifle with a high grade stock is often complimented with a nice engraving on the metal parts. The original CZ Magnum magazine plate does not allow surface for a decent engraving. We manufacture these plates to for the ZKK 600, Zkk 602 and the CZ 550 Medium and Magnum actions.


We also make the Drop Box styled Magazine assembly for the ZKK 602 and CZ 550 Magnum actions 




Howa Magazine Parts:

We manufacture the Howa Magazine assembly from Aircraft aluminium and the finishes we offer is Bead blasted Aluminium or Black Cerakote. They are made for the short and long actions and our special design feature is the hidden magazine clip. This prevents accidental dislodging of the magazine.





Handgun Parts:

Over the years our qualified gunsmiths have made numerous hard to find gun parts. This includes Pistol, Revolver, Rifle and Shotgun parts that were not available on the market yet. the image below shows a sear for the CZ Model 50 pistol and a Lock Pin for the Colt 1911 Magazine release. It becomes difficult if we don't have a sample but we have redesigned a few parts as well.




Magazines & Magazine Conversions:

We do not only do these conversions when we custom build rifles, we also re-design existing magazines that have feeding problems. The other purpose would be to get extra rounds in the magazine. You can also read what we offer in our SABI Actions magazine capacities.



We have also made a few magazines that are impossible to find, costs depend in the detail and tooling we need to make. Image below shows a Styer Mannlicher Luxus Magazine.



Silencer Thread Conversions:

Often shooters wish to fit numerous parts on their barrels, and sometimes it is necessary to make Thread convertors to accommodate such devices. The image shows a converter and thread protector for M8x0.75 to 1/2 x 28 UNEF thread on a Smith & Wesson M&P 22 pistol.