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H.Krieghoff GmbH is a firearm manufacturer in Ulm Germany and has been the Krieghoff family ownership since its foundation in the late 1800's. The offer the following models:

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Classic Double Rifle

A double rifle has been the dream of many a hunter especially the one's who regularly hunt big game and professional hunters that must protect  his hunting client who normally are not experienced in hunting dangerous game. The advantage is a sound investment because good rifle do not lose value and can be used for a lifetime and passed on for generations if looked after.  Double rifles can be ordered with various metal engraving patterns and images of game species. Krieghoff yearly tender on the best quality walnut from Turkey and exceptional stock grades are available. Krieghoff manufactures other rifles with various combinations and actions, and the renowned K80 and K20 shotguns helping competitive shooters win sporting events across the globe.


KH Classic
Standard Calibers 7x57R to 9,3x74R
Big 5 Calibers 375H&H to 500NE

Hubertus Single Shot Rifles

This compact light rifle is ideal for our bush hunting especially in mountainous areas.

 KH Hubertus
Calibers 222 Rem to 9,3x74 R

Ultra Over & Under Double Rifles

This model offers the advantages of the classic double rifle but with highly improved accuracy. The Thermo Stabil barrels will keep you shooting accurately no matter what the conditions

 KH Ultra
Calibers  22 Hornet to 9,3x74 R and 20 Gauge in various combinations

Semprio in line Manual Repeating Rifles

The Semprio is a short range fast shooting rifle used widely for wild boar  with very fast reloading ability.

                            KH Semprio

KH semprio TD
Calibers 223 Rem to 375 Ruger

K80 and K20 Over & Under Competition Shotguns

These shotguns are well known in the Clay Shooting circles across Europe and the USA. Krieghoff has a solution for every discipline.

 KH k80

KH k80 Action
Calibers 12 and 20 Gauge

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