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The Professional Accredited Firearms Training Provider we refer our clients to it not related to Magnum Arms, we added the information to our website for the benefit of our clients. They will assist you with the relevant training courses, the application process and motivations.






SCMS Training and Development, Co Reg: 2011/009519/23

8 Bester Street, Nelspruit

SCMS SAPSSAPS Accreditation nu: 4000911


Contact Shaun Nieuwenhuizen (084 910 3176), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Marina Nieuwenhuizen 0825576668


Company Introduction


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce SCMS to you and your company. It is a great honour presenting you with our portfolio. The company’s strength lies in its exceptional hands-on approach leadership skills and commitment to develop a comprehensive infrastructure to support the view of the client. SCMS Training and development services are part of a growing company registered in the name of Good example trading and projects and its main focus of business (Training and Development) of staff in the safety and security sector. SCMS is ready for any challenge and knows that we can constantly meet and exceed client expectations due to the commitment knowledge and operations skills we have within the security and Training industry. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a professional service, commitment to support their views and to reach objectives set within this industry.

Executive Summary

SCMS Training and Development is a start-up training institution founder by Shaun Nieuwenhuizen, an experienced CIT and Security manager with 24 years’ experience in this field. Located in Nelspruit 8 bester street where all training are handled within their newly build indoor shooting range. NRCS and SAPS Accredited. All training presented PFTC accredited.

    Shaun Nieuwenhuizen (Director) – Left school in 1993 after completion of his matric N3 (Boiler making of Trade) and became part of a mining group that later closed down. In 1997 he became part   of the biggest CIT / Security Sector at that time SBV services. His security career did not stop as Shaun did not wait for knowledge to come his way. In 1996 he completed his Instructors course for the security sector (PSIRA) and can provide training for the private sector up to grade A qualifications. During this same time Shaun achieved another milestone in completing his Firearm instructor’s course and so his career started to burn within the security sector. With 85 unit standards (still growing) listed under his accreditation with SASSETA and qualified as an Assessor (19A26400602) and Moderator (19M26410602) in various skills. Shaun has a passion for training and development of staff and currently holds a national diploma in security management. With a combination of 24 years’ experience in this safety and security sector he will be able to bring valuable inputs to any organization that wants to make use of their services in line with Training and Development.

In the current political climate, with increasing fear of criminal activities, and also due to the current economic status of work losses which we know will not change soon, SCMS Training and Development is ready for the challenge that lies ahead within this industry to train and develop staff employed in your company preparing them for what challenges they may face.


SCMS Training and Development will base its success on meeting the following objectives.

  1. Use only qualified instructors or CPO s to meet contract requirements when the work is conducted.
  2. To comply with all training requirements as per PFTC and SAPS regulations.
  3. And to provide all necessary recourses to drive all set objectives so to reach all goals set.


SCMS Training and development believe that service standards are measured (on a hands-on approach) and with a combination of strategies we implement and consistently monitor to provide a satisfactory service to you the customers and to remove all worries for the client who require Training and development for their security staff, by providing excellent customer service and in-depth training for their employees.

Our Values: Listen and Learn – What is expected and to drive all set objectives in reaching all set goals. Listen carefully to the clients concerns and objectives to create customized security package.

Integrity – We are consistent in what we think, say and do. Central to our mission we will not break the law or engage in “morally suspicious “behaviour in the way we conduct our business.

Respect – To treat all people with dignity and respect - resulting in a positive attitude towards our employees and customers.

Accountability – We are dedicated to do what is right, fair, honest and legal.

Pushing beyond boundaries – Always making sure that we deliver and improve on our services and to be on top of all activities around areas of responsibility. To evaluate all strategies on a regular basis in order to comply with all set standard.                                                                                                         

Safety – Is our priority by observing and paying attention to detail within our given responsible environment.

Knowing what the client does not know (Giving the client expertise training and development).

  1. Training security guards up to standards required for that professional image.
  2. Lastly to continuously monitor the quality of training offered to measure quality assurance.\


SCMS Training and Development services can provide well trained Individuals in one or more of the following categories:

  1. 117705: Knowledge of the firearms control act, 2000 (Act No.60 of 2000).
  2. 119649: Handle and use a Handgun.
  3. 119652: Handle and use a Shotgun.
  4. 119651: Handle and use a Bolt Action Rifle.
  5. 119650: Handle and use a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine
  6. 123515: Handle and use a Handgun for Business Purposes.
  7. 123514: Handle and use a Shotgun for Business Purposes.
  8. 123511: Handle and use a Self – Loading Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes.
  9. 123519: Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes.
  10. 123516: Supervise Shooting Exercises.
  11. 123510: Apply Tactical Knowledge in the use of Firearms.
  12. 123513: Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Handgun.
  13. 123518: Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Self -Loading Rifle or Carbine.
  14. 123512: Demonstrate Tactical Proficiency with a Shotgun.
  15. Regulation 21 Refresher training for all Security Companies
  16. SCMS Fundamentals on how to use your Observation Skills to the full extend.
  17. SCMS Fundamentals and Tips to enhance tactical Awareness.
  18. SCMS Fundamentals on Radio Communications.
  19. SCMS Fundamentals for providing Excellent Customer service.
  20. Advanced Driving Skills
  21. And many more Soft skilled Courses.

Training assessments and recommendations for security companies can also be provided to identify operational needs.