Rechnagel lgRecknagel Feintechnik it a German based company producing Scope mounts and other high quality gun parts. We import the ERA range of products from RECHNAGEL. We stock some of the popular items but we can order any parts you may require. 

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Scope mounts: They produce a Tactical and Detachable Scope Mount systems, available in 25.4mm (1”) , 30mm and  34mm for rings as  well as rail mounts for Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender and Zeiss. We have custom fitted many old and classic rifles with their Claw Type Detachable Mounts.

Front and Rear Sights: They produce a wide range of classic and modern type open sight systems. For classic rifles they make different combinations folding and fixed leaf sights. Fibre optics are also used for the hunter who wants highly visible sights for hunting of dangerous game.

Triggers:  Recknagel produces several versions of adjustable and set triggers that can be used on the K98 system. Our SABI Classic and Hunter models can also be fitted with these.

Safeties: The well known Winchester style 3 way, and other type safeties fit Mauser and Remington.

Gunsmith Parts: Classic rifles used to be fitted with many parts that we often don't see anymore. Recknagel has a wide range of classic additions that can make your custom rifle so much more special. Common items are Grip Caps, Cartridge Traps, Silver shields and more.

Sling Swivels: They have numerous different sling attachment systems to suit your every need available in fixed and detachable,  and banded sling swivels.

Recknagel Catalogues

Scope Mounts, Catalog 11

All type of ERA scope mounts for hunting- and sporting rifles, accessories and spare parts.

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Sights and Rifle Accessories, Catalog 10

Sights and rifle accessories as well as special tools for the gunsmith.

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ERA-Silencer, Catalog 5

Excellent Silencers including spare parts and accessories.

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Eratac, Catalog 7

Our Tactical Mounts – a Proven System

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