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SparesWe offer the following items you can add to personalise your rifle:

Stock Magazine

The stock magazine is a very classical part that allows you to store 4 rounds of ammunition in the rear of your stock. The main purpose would be additional metal surface on the rifle when a rifle is engraved. when the stock design and caliber does not allow cartridges to fit, we have made them to take snap caps and a oil bottle. 



 Classic Trigger Guard

This used to be a very classic standard item on very old rifles. They are designed for Mauser K98 actions but we can fit them to our SABI Classic actions as well. The wider profile if the trigger guard was initially designed to be used with the double set trigger which can also be fitted on Mauser and our SABI Classic actions, limited to standard calibers.


 Classic Cross Bolts

We fit all our magnum caliber stocks with threaded brass screws as cross bolts. We normally hide the brass screws with wooden plugs,  but we can also fit end cap screws to look like the classic cross bolts that used to be fitted, The threaded brass screws is almost a guarantee that your stock wont crack from recoil and works a lot better than the traditional cross bolts. The Standard wooden plugs are fitted unless you select the Classic Cross Bolts.

Standard Cross Bolts:



Classic Cross Bolts


Silver Oval Plate

The silver Oval Plate was used by many gunmakers where the owners initials were placed on the rifle. We still offer this as an option today.


Mercury Recoil Reducer

The Mercury filled recoil reducer is inserted in the rear of the stock and is covered by the recoil pad. we make then in different sizes to work for various calibers, the weights available is 250g, 300g and 350g.

Muzzle Break

Our SABI V-Brake is a muzzle break we designed and manufactured to give you maximum recoil reduction and barrel lift for minimum size. it is light weight and only ads about 30mm to the barrel length. The V-shapes exit ports is the design feature to minimise barrel lift.


Bag Rider

The Bag Rider is a very descriptive name for the part, an aluminium bar fitted to the bottom of the rear stock, as it is exactly what the purpose is. It is fitted at a slight angle to give you minimum adjustment and it wont go far off target after the shot is fired. It is only fitted to Bench Rest long range rifles, as on our F-Class stock.

Bag Rider