Standard Rifles


We have decided that we will produce standard model rifles with no frills to make our rifles more affordable. The stocks will not be custom fitted and no changes or upgrades will be made to any of the components or features.

The rifle will consist of the following components:

  • Standard Hunter Profile Barrel
  • SABI Hunter Action
  • SABI Trigger with Side Safety
  • Claro Walnut stock
  • Standard Recoil Pad
  • Swivel Studs only
  • Stock Style selection Monte Carlo on Standard Calibers
  • Stock Style selection Classic on Magnum Calibers
  • Standard Checkering
  • Standard Sights on Magnum Calibers only

Sample images: The rifle in the sample pictures has a hardwood tip and grip cap, a Winchester type safe and scope mounts fitted which is not included in the package.

 SABI Std4




Standard Checkering:



The standard models will be made for an average person length of 1,85m and the Mini version for 1,65m suitable for most woman and children. These rifles will only be available in the following calibers: 

Prices include VAT and prices are subject to the availability and prices of barrels.

Mini Action Calibers

Standard size, 222Rem, 223Rem and 6x45            R 48 500

Mini Size, 6x45 only                                                 R 48 500


Standard Action Calibers

Standard size, 243Win, 270SABI and 308Win                                            R 49 850

Standard size, 270Win, 30-06Springfield, 338SABI and 9,3x62Mauser     R 49 850

Mini Size, 243 Win, 270 SABI and 308 Win only                                         R 49 850 


Magnum Action Calibers

Standard size,  375Ruger and 375H&HMag                          R 53 550

Standard size,  416Rem, 404Jeffery and 458Lott                  R 55 300

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