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At SABI Rifles our stock length measurement chart comes from the experience inf custom fitting stocks from client measurements for over 30years. We do not use the standard LOP measurement most custom stock makers use. We break up the stock length into Trigger distance from the grip and the rear stock length. this ensured the pistol grip hand is in a comfortable position and no muscle strain is experienced.

Classic Stock profiles are mostly suitable for open sight shooting where the Monte Carlo, Euro and Target is set up for scope shooting. On some of the profiles the comb can be made adjustable to suit both.

 We manufacture rifle socks in Finished, Semi Finished, Inletted or blank. 

 Hunting rifles are normally custom fitted  but  for target rifles we make adjustable stocks that can be adjusted by the owner.  Rifle stocks are available in finished as well as semi finished form.  Any stock profile can be ordered left or right handed. Stock fore-ends are also made to client specification.


 We offer Stock Inlets Mauser, CZ and Montana Actions. Custom inlets can be done if we have the barrelled action. We have produced stocks for all the following manufacturers:

Sako, Sauer 90, Sauer 202, Steyr Mannlicher, Wetherby, Ruger No1, Ruger M77, Musgrave, Sproting Mauser, Tikka, Remington, Winchester, Krico, Anschutz, Zidi, Krieghoff, Various Boxlock and Sidelock Double Rifles and Shotguns


Our basic Stock profiles is made in right and left handed as follows with the different styles explained. All our hunting stocks with Cheekpieces are made Cast-Off and Toe-Out


All three Stocks are suitable for shooting with Telescope. The Roll over stock is more comfortable for heavy recoil rifles but can only be used either right or left handed. The Standard and Euro stocks can be used on both sides but is best suitable for the side built for.

 Monte Carlo Roll Over

Stock MC RO



Monte Carlo Standard

Stock MC Std




Stock Bav


 We offer 5 different classic stock styles, the two in the picture and then we also have the FN Classic, H&H Classic, Mauser Original and the Standard classic. All these stocks are suitable for Open sight and using a telescope. These classic stocks are normally used for Big Bore caliber rifles.

 German Classic

Stock German Classic


Africa Classic

Stock Scwn Classic


FN Classic

Stock FN Classic


H&H Classic

Stock HH Classic

Mauser Original

Stock Mauser


Standard Classic

Stock Std Classic



 We make this stock as in the picture above and we also make it in a thumbhole version for extra strength for the Magnum Caliber rifles. The cheekpiece is Angle and Height Adjustable and recoil pad's Toe position and stock length is adjustable. We also use the Warrior Chassis for our target rifles.

Adjustable Target

Target Stock 2

Target Stock 1


F-Class Target

Target FClass


Warrior Chassis



Stock Fore-ends

We offer a variety of Stock Fore-end shapes for you to choose from. The Schnabel shape is for thinner fore-ends and the Rounded and Square shapes are for wider fore-end to support thicker barrels. We normally fit a hardwood fore-end tip but you way also select your favourable shape without the hardwood. following is some examples:

Rounded with Hardwood tip:



Rounded with Hardwood tip fitted at an angle:



Schnabel without Hardwood:



Schnabel with Hardwood tip:


Schnabel with Hardwood Tip fitted at an angle:


Full Stock Fore-end

We have designed a system for a full stock rifle where we don't need a full stock blank to be able to make a full stock. We manufacture a joint part which separates the front wood from the rear so that a small piece of the stock blank can be used for the extended fore-end. It has also proven to be very accurate because the wood grain is interrupted. Accuracy is often a problem with full stock rifles. Because of the normally slender design of a full stock rifle it is normally used on short barrelled bushveld calibers. our maximum recommended barrel length for the full stock is 21 inches.



Stock Finishes:

In the past when modern wood treatment was not available, finished were done with seed oils. When these oils are boiled the oil develops the character to dry out when applied to the wood. This process can be repeated until the wood has a mirror finish but that is not always practical, and we do have modren varnishes which are much more hard wearing if you require the gloss finish. Again the gloss finish will display the grain of the wood mush more if you have a very beautiful stock blank. The practical and best loved finish however is still the oil finish because you can maintain it yourself. On all laminated stocks we only offer the satin finish.

The following finishes is offered:

Satin Finish: We use a commercial catalyst activated varnish that has a satin sheen look to it. This finish needs no maintenance.

Gloss Finish: This is the same application as the satin finish but the last layer will be polished to a glossy finish.

Oil Finish: The oil will be applied until the grain is sealed. it has a Satin Sheen finish when completed.

Polished Oil Finish: The Oil finish process is repeated many times more until a glossy finish is obtained.